Euro Grower Focus

This month we focus on Les Pépinières de France, the first French group of nurseries of 500 ha to export!

The group Les Pépinières de France was created in 2016 resulting from an increased awareness of these growers that collaberation was essential to optimise transport abroad and to offer a wider range of plants to their customers.

A Pioneer Group in French Horticulture 

Les Pépinières de France brings together 9 plant specialists from various parts of France (Nantes, Paris, Lyon and Toulouse) covering over 500 ha of land. Each specialist has built up previously a solid reputation in Europe and is known for its expertise and innovation strength.

As a result, the group can offer a wide range of high-quality plants grown under different climates with consistent volumes from young plants to finished plants. The specialities of the group are magnolias, Japanese maples, lagerstroemias, mature trees, fruit trees, dwarf conifers, climbers, roses and topiary trees.

Lagerstroemias by SARL Lagerstroemia Nursery (Dax)

80% Ground Production

80% of the production is done in the ground (supply of bareroots and rootballs between October and April) and 20% is in containers (supply all year round). Each plant collection requires specific growing methods that have been collected from years of practice by each grower and represent nowadays a cultural heritage to be protected.

Topiary trees by Ripaud Nursery (Nantes)


Innovations within the group can be found in selecting new varieties (such as our new Clematis ‘Sugar Sweet’ or the new range of Lagerstroemia Indiya Charms flowering in North Europe), in creating new plant shapes (such as a typical topiary trees or oriental-shaped Japanese maples).

GrootGroenPlus 2018

Les Pépinières de France made their debut at GrootGroenPlus in Zundert this month. 

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