Euro Grower Focus

Our latest Euro Grower Focus features Pistoia based Innocenti & Mangoni Piante.

Young Plant Growth at Innocenti!

Since 2016, Innocenti & Mangoni have invested heavily in production facilities for the young plant sector. This major Italian nursery, based in Pistoia, have produced a young plant range in 9 cm, 10 x 12 cm, and 13 cm pots.

This includes both a range of traditional varieties along with numerous new varieties. This has been made possible through the acquisition of dozens of plant breeding licences from the International Breeder sector. These include Breederplants, Genesis, Plantipp, Sapho and Vip For Plants.

80 Patented Varieties

In Spring 2019, they are now producing more than 80 patented varieties. At the same time, they have enhanced their growing techniques to ensure these high quality plants are available for the spring season.

Innocenti & Mangoni have also initiated a substantial renovation programme in their production facilities. This includes the construction of both new greenhouses and shadehouses.

Four Oaks Promotion

They are currently expanding their sales drive in the U.K. This is reflected in their decision to have a major presence at Four Oaks this year, held in Cheshire (Sept 3/4). Here they will promote 'Young Plants' as an extension to their established specimen plants and trees.

Marco Innocenti pictured at IPM Essen