Euro Grower Focus

Euro Grower Focus

This month we focus on Bens Young Plants, based in Sappemeer, a village in the North of the Netherlands.

Amalgamation of First Names

The nursery is managed by married couple Bart Bollaart and Susanne Blom. The company name BENS is an amalgamation of the initials of their first names: BEN S (en is Dutch for and).

Rooted Cuttings

The main business at Bens Young Plants is the production of rooted cuttings. Each year the company produce about 2.5 million rooted cuttings of Hydrangea paniculata, Magnolia, Prunus, Photinia and Ilex. These rooted cuttings are sold throughout Europe.


Royalty Species

Bens Young Plants has a lot of royalty species in their assortment. ‘We are aware of all the new varieties in the market,’ Susanne says, ‘we work with several companies that protect new species. If we think a new variety can be interesting for our customers we ask for a agreement. Without an agreement, you’re not allowed to produce a new variety.’


Plant Patrol® Certification

In 2018 Bens Young Plants was the first company with a Plant Patrol® certification. ‘This certification indicates that we are a reliable partner to work with in terms of new varieties. In a 2.5 hour audit on our company Plant Patrol® checked our administration, our vision, our labels and our business in general,’ Bart explains, ‘and it turned out to be perfectly fine.’

Susanne Blom with Gold Medal at GrootGroenPlus

Prunus laurocerasus ‘Zsófi’ PBR (Sofia)

At the Groot Groen Plus fair last month (October), Bens Young Plants introduced and marketed the brand new Prunus laurocerasus ‘Zsófi’ PBR (Sofia). The prunus is bred by Németh Gábor Péter from Hungary and protected by Breederplants from the Netherlands. The jury awarded the introduction with a Gold Medal.