Euro Grower Focus

This month we focus on the latest news from Schneider Young Plants.

Schneider Biennials Catalogue Launched!

Schneider Young Plants launched their new biennials catalogue during IPM Essen. Their presence at this premier plant fair was followed the Horticontact fair in Gorinchem.

12 Million Cuttings 

During 2018, Schneider planted almost 12 million cuttings, all by hand. This year this number will increase as part of their on-going expansion programme. An indication of this their recent investment in two new robotic plant cutting machines to increase productivity and enhance their quality plant material.

The benefits of this machine are beginning to be realised, with the support of manual labour to ensure that the quality of planting is to their exacting standards and that each tray is 100 % full.

High Production Capacity

This is their first season with the new machines. They were purhcassed from ISO Group in the Netherlands. They arrived at the end of November 2018 and they have been used consistently since. The capacity of one machine is approx. 2.300 to 2.400 cuttings/hour. A single machine can work for several hours and one person provides sufficient labour to maintain its operation.

YouTube Demonstration

Click here to see the video of their new robotic plant cutting robot on YouTube.