Euro Grower Focus

Euro Grower Focus

Our latest Euro Grower Focus looks at Giorgio Tesi and their new catalogue for 2022/2023.

Growing Creativity!

This is the theme for the new 2022/23 price list catalogue from Giorgio Tesi.

This new edition is a reminder of the high quality of plant material this leading grower continues to produce for both landscape schemes and retail sales across Europe and beyond.

A 'Virtual' Taste of Tuscany!

The Giorgio Tesi Virtual Nursery Tour continues to attract wide interest. Although visits to their Pistoia nursery have become easier, this unique experience provides the option for plant professionals to discover their production anywhere, at any time.

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The platform can be used on both a PC with any of the main browsers as well as on a mobile. Developed using responsive web design, it adapts automatically to various mobile devices, displaying optimized content and browsing.

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