Euro Grower Focus

Euro Grower Focus

This month we focus on Solgrow and the Hishtil range of Lavender plant material.

Solgrow are a U.K. based Marketing Sales and Logistic Company, representing growers of propagation material. This includes young cuttings for bedding, balcony and perennials, plus a range of bulbs and bare rooted material.

Solgrow specialize in supplying products of high quality to the UK market, working with experienced and well established growers in Israel. 

New & Exclusive Lavender

Hishtil are one of the major growers in Israel whom Solgrow act for in the U.K. Sold exclusively by Hishtil, the Lavandula angustifolia 'BeeZee'™ series has now been introduced. This series has been developed in co-operation with the world famous plant breeder David Kerley.

BeeZee Close-up Dark Blue

5 Colours in Uniform Series

This all new series brings 5 colours of hardy, angustifolia ‘English’ Lavender. This is a completely uniform series with the same height, habit & flowering time. A perfect plant for 1ltr & 2ltr pot production, packs & mail order sales.

BeeZee Close-up White

Five Colour Series Profile

The series consists of five colours: White (Pure white blooms); Pink; Light Blue; Blue and Dark Blue.

Lavandula angustifolia BeeZee™ 'Power Blue' P- Deep mid-blue with silver-grey foliage in winter. Grey-green in summer and grey in autumn. Upright long-flowering with dark spike and more compact than Hidcote.

Lavandula angustifolia BeeZee™ 'Dark Blue' P- ‘Compact Hidcote’ Dark Blue, comparable to Hidcote with silver-grey foliage in winter.

BeeZee Close-up Light Blue

Lavandula angustifolia BeeZee™ 'Light Blue' P- Compact and free flowering but more compact than Little Lady. Grey-green in summer and grey in autumn. More free flowering than Hidcote with a thick spike, with a compact and uniform profile. A grey green foliage in summer with grey foliage in the autumn. Some first year flowering with a thick spike. 

Lavandula angustifolia BeeZee™ 'Pink' P- Very free flowering with long spike. Dark green foliage in summer with grey-green in autumn. White flowerbuds, whsoe flowers are a deeper pink than Rosea or Little Lottie. A more compact variety than Rosea.

BeeZee Close-up Pink

Lavandula angustifolia BeeZee™ 'White' P- Early free flowering long thick pike. Green to grey green foliage in summer with grey foliage in autumn. A long flowering profile.