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Euro Grower Focus

State-of-the-Art Greenhouse for Schneider Young Plants

Schneider Young Plants are proud to announce that permission has been granted to build their new young plant nursery in Woudrichem. This is in the Municipality of Altena.

Thanks to the financial support of Rabobank, who has agreed finance this development, their new facility will meet the highest requirements and standards for the cultivation of young plants.

The team at KG Systems is already preparing for this ambitious turnkey project. The opening of the new company is planned for November 2020.

Jacob & Rozemieke Schneider

3.5 Hectares

The new growing facility will be a three and a half hectares of state-of-the-art greenhouse (gutter height 6 metres, bay span width 12.80), including a modern processing area hosting four automated cutting stickers.

Schneider will ensure that the new greenhouse complex will minimise its environmental footprint with measures including smart lighting, screening and cultivation techniques.