Euro Grower Focus

This month (October) we focus on Solgrow and the Jaldety range of plant material.

Solgrow are a U.K. based Marketing Sales and Logistic Company, representing growers of propagation material. This includes young cuttings for bedding, balcony and perennials, plus a range of bulbs and bare rooted material.

Solgrow specialize in supplying products of high quality to the UK market, working with experienced and well established growers in Israel. 

Niche Perennials

Jaldety Propagation Nurseries are a family-owned business producing and supplying a colourful range of niche perennials and annual unrooted cuttings. These include a range of new additional succulents which offer cuttings from more than 450 different varieties from open and private stock.

Their propagation programmes are designed to supply cuttings for most of the year and focus on both quality assurance and attentiveness to their customer’s needs.

Centaurea Mercury

Pictured below is Centaurea Mercury. This plant has a wonderful intense colour effect, with silver- white rosettes of decorative wavy rounded lobes leaves, with cushion shape and mounding habit. A superb foliage combo for edging, rock gardens, group planting.  An ideal plant for big containers.

Gaura Gambit® Variegated Rose

Pictured below is the Gaura Gambit® Variegated Rose, an exceptionally long season of bloom Gaura. This has a profuse bloomer which creates tall spikes of bright pink flowers with attractive variegated foliage. Green, cream margins, dark pink marking in cold and dark red- pink stems.

A stunning edging plant for back of perennial borders, beds, wild flower garden, rockery ledges, lining paths and for big containers.

Salvia Royal Bumble

Pictured below is the Salvia Royal Bumble, a great additional Salvia greggii hybrid for colour impact. This flowers with masses of big, hot red flowers with dark calyxes n darker stems. Easy to care, drought tolerant once established and can tolerant deer.

The flowers attracts bees, butterflies and are great value for water wise garden planting, cottage and meadow gardens. Can also be used in beds, big containers for patio and decks and mixed borders.

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