Garden Retail

Garden Retail

This month we focus on Garland Products Ltd., and their vast number of products being added for 2021.

Garland Adds 54 New Products for 2021!

New product development has been the key to the success of Garland/Worth Gardening with many new product ideas being driven by feedback and input from customers.

Already this year the company has achieved a growth in turnover of around £1million. The launch of 54 new products for the 2021 season will help to consolidate future growth for the company and its customers.

New Bio-based Growing Trays

Growing Trays

Included in the new products for next season are the new Bio-Based trays and a Growing Tray made from plastic free food-based materials. These plastic free growing trays are made from 100% bio-based materials and are compostable.  There are two new Microgreen growing trays that have two-tier holes that allow for optimal watering and drainage.

Premium Cell Inserts

The Premium Cell inserts range has been extended with a 12-cell version and a new 12-cell Seed Starter Set. The long-life injection moulded inserts give years of use and carry a ten-year guarantee.

Natural Jute Webbing Tree Tie 

Further lines have been added to both the Twines & Wires range and the Garden Basics range. One interesting addition is a 5m x 5cm Natural Jute Webbing Tree Tie that is made from 100 per cent natural and biodegradable jute. The material is strong, yet gentle and will naturally biodegrade as the tree requires less support. 

Other extensions to the range are ratchet wire strainers and bio-based plant clips. Further additions come in the form of colour changes throughout the Garland/Worth Gardening catalogue.

Purpose-Built Warehouse

The opening of new purpose-built warehouse close to its manufacturing plant in Kingswinford, West Midlands will ensure efficient and speedy delivery of all of Garland/Worth Gardening’s products ranges.

Single Use Plastics

Garland’s commitment to expanding its wide range of products is coupled with its desire to achieve this aim in a way that recognises the need to protect the environment. The latest products focus firmly on sustainability and packaging, especially single use plastics.

Plastic packaging has been removed on many of the products that cannot easily be recycled via the kerbside recycling system. This move has been implemented across all of the company’s propagation ranges, including pots and fibre pots.

Fastest Growing Suppliers

The Garland Products Group specialise in the manufacture of plastic injection moulded products and is one of the fastest growing suppliers to the garden industry. The products available to both keen and hobby gardeners have been designed through the company’s own experience as keen gardeners.