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Improve Your Christmas Sales with Improved DIsplays

With the Festive Seaon almost upon us, we feature the Stars for Europe promotion for 2022.

Here are some tips for florists and garden centres to create in-store displays and inspire customers.

Inspiring Displays

As the winter months arrive, customers’ thoughts turn to cranking up the cosiness inside their home. Inspiring displays of colourful plants, such as poinsettias, play a big role in this.

The marketing experts at SfE will show you how to create striking presentations with poinsettias – perfect for in-store or window displays – to keep your customers coming back for more.

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Use your Competitive Advantage

Did you know, poinsettia season actually begins in September and October? This is when the more unusual autumnal colours, such as salmon, peach, terracotta, yellow, and blush tones are available, with traditional reds and whites coming later in autumn and winter.

In the earlier months, specialist retailers and small business owners have a competitive advantage, as most large corporate companies need to place bulk orders for standard poinsettias well in advance, and they don’t have the flexibility to stock such a diverse range of varieties.

Offering these special, modern poinsettias in-store early makes them the perfect plants to carry customers’ homes from autumn into winter and through the festive season with a more muted, on-trend colour scheme.

Tips to Create Succesful Displays

Keeping your in-store displays a cut above the competition is the best way to show people what can be done with these versatile plants.

*Stars for Europe (SfE) is the marketing initiative of the European poinsettia growers Dümmen Orange, Selecta One, Beekenkamp Plants and Syngenta Flowers.