Garden Retail

This month we feature Remin (Scotland) and their range of products for the grower sector and beyond.

Remineralising The Globe!

It is four short years since the Best Retail Product / Service Award at Four Oaks went to Remin (Scotland) Ltd. They have just enjoyed another successful two days at this leading horticultural event. Remin (Scotland) continue to expand their business, both nationally and internationally.

Contains All Key Minerals 

Remin volcanic rock dust is a freshly crushed, finely ground rock from a specially selected Scottish quarry. This product contains all the recognised key minerals and trace elements essential for healthy soil, compost and crops. It is also certified by four organic certifying authorities.

Enriching Soil's Carbon

Remin's benefits have never been more relevant as it’s minerals significantly boost soil biology, which in turn helps to extract soil minerals. As soil biology digests more plant material, this introduces the potential to grow soil and sequester organic carbon in the process.

Increased Yields

With an established gardening, horticulture and farming client base, Remin is noted as producing better yields, more resistance to pest and diseases, improved flavour and colour for vegetables, flowers, fruit, lawns, pastures and agricultural crops.

From Malaysia to Lebanon

The company exports include across Europe and as far as Malaysia and Beirut and M.D. Jennifer Brodie is actively seeking out partners to work with in the future,