Christmas trees Germany

The Common Types of Christmas Trees

People across different nations gather in praise and appreciation for Christmas day. Decorated Christmas trees are a common feature in almost all countries during the Christmas season. Colored with beautiful lights and decorations, many people opt for artificial trees, but there are also several who choose natural ones as they are more beautiful. But do you know the different types of real Christmas trees you can choose from? Let’s have a look -

Christmas trees Germany

Noble fir

Noble fir is a Pacific Northwest tree. It is symmetrical in shape, has needles that are silvery in color and features branches that perfectly stick straight out. These features make the tree the best pick for many every Christmas.

Scotch pine

If you are looking for a conical shaped tree for a classic Christmas day, Scotch pine is a great option. It features the best natural cuts, so it is good for the holidays. This one grows easily because it is able to adapt to different climate conditions as well as soil types.

Eastern White pine

If you want a plant that you can make your favorite, you’d want to go for Eastern White pine. It has long needles and a rich fragrance. It is purely, grows fast and adapts easily.

Douglas Fir

This is another commonly used tree for Christmas. With its pyramidal shape, and the beautiful blue to dark green needles, this tree will manage to remain in good condition long after it has been cut. It flourishes in different climates, including humid ones, thus it is a dependable option.

Balsam Fir

This is a Christmas tree with a very pleasant scent. Known for its ability to give a nice fragrance to the entire room, it is often chosen to decorate with not only in houses, but also in commercial establishments. 

Christmas trees Germany