Breeder Special

This month we focus on Roses Forever and their Infinity Range of Roses.

Owner Rosa Eskalund presents her latest breeder news for 2020.

Short Culture Time

'Which quality factors are important for new varieties of pot- roses?' Those which are easy to grow, and have a short culture time. Those grown close to the consumer provide both fresh and sustainable plants for use both outdoors and indoors.

Infinity Roses in Bigger Pots

Gift for Mother's Day

The pot rose is a very important plant as a gift for Mother’s Day. A rose is not just a pot-plant but a rose!

Remember the famous words of Gertrude Stein ‘A rose is a rose is a rose?’ It means that no other plant or flower come close to a rose - a rose is a valued signal of love, quality and exclusivity, which no other plant can give.

White Infinity and Princess of Infinity

Pot-Plant Roses in Demand

This is why Pot-Plant Roses are in great demand. With the selection of Infinity Roses you get big long lasting rose flowers and a plant which is very suitable also to plant in the garden after indoor use.

Philosophy of the Forever Roses 

After ‘Brexit’ more UK grown roses will be found on the UK market and that is a good thing. This gives due regard to the environment as it is better to grow the roses close to the consumer.

This has always been the philosophy of the Forever Roses : Easy grow - Short culture time - Grown close to the customer.