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This month we focus on the latest plant news from Breederplants V.O.F. (NL).

Gardenia jasminoides ROLARO (Golden Crown) EU20192565

They are delighted to announce a new 'majestic' plant, 'Golden Crown', which is the first stable yellow variegated Gardenia jasminoides with a huge famous fragrance. Her busy habit makes her the perfect indoor plant, but outdoors she will also perform well.

Flower with Huge Fragrance

Breeder Plants owner Ronald Laman said “Keep this jasminoides inside during winter and you can enjoy 12 months of the ‘Golden Grown’. When she is producing flowers buds, you will be surprised, because her buds are variegated too! The pale white flower will produce a huge fragrance.”


✓ Compact

✓ Double, pale white perfumed flowers

✓ Indoor and Outdoor Plant

✓ Fine, golden variegated narrow foliage

Breeder: Gardenia jasminoides ROLARO (Golden Crown) is founded by Ronald Laman Marketing: Breederplants V.O.F. (NL) 

Grower and Sales: Snepvangers Tuinplanten (Molenschot NL)

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Breederplants is an organization that focuses on protecting and introducing plant varieties. Protecting new plants is a profession in itself. Breederplants are specialized in this sector where a new variety is not simply found or made, it is preceded by years of work. 

To protect your variety as well as possible, there is European Plant Breeders 'Rights (Community Plant Breeders' Rights).  This means that you determine who is allowed to breed your variety and who is not.  Breederplants specializes in European Plant Breeders' Rights.

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