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Into Infinity with Roses Forever

'Infinity roses are always grown close to the customer’ says Rosa Eskelund from Roses Forever. 'We believe that it is much better for the environment to grow close to the consumer.'

Roses Forever has licensed growers all over the world for their stunning range of rose varieties.

High Quality Pot Roses

The method of propagation in rose production is very important and makes the foundation for a good high quality pot rose.

Rosa continues ‘Therefore it's a big part of our job as breeder to visit new growers worldwide to give both knowledge and support. We can also ensure that our licensed growers maintain the high quality of production that is essential to our clients.'

Healthy roots are important and ensure high quality finished plants

Naturally Compact - Short Culture Time

The genetics of the Infinity Roses are relatively easy to propagate and grow, as they are naturally compact and fast growing. A very important aspect for roses in short culture production is use of the correct peat and fertiliser. 

10 Week Culture Time

Culture time is only 10 weeks as it is for all pot sizes 10,5-15cm also bowls in 15cm and 21cm can be grown in the same time frame. This results in high quality and less waste which is also good for the environment.

Short culture time’ shown here in greenhouse in Denmark.

Rose breeder Rosa Eskelund develops roses with a special focus on easy to grow, compact mini pot roses with big flowers.

Love Fragrant Forever

In some of the most recent varieties launched on the market, there is also fragrance. Their fragrant series is on the market now. For the big pot, the recommended pot sizes are 12-15cm.

These were shown for the very first time at IPM in 2019 and one of them won the public prize for best new pot plant.

‘It took a year to come up in numbers, but now we are ready to deliver the first cuttings', said Rosa. The series is named ‘Love Fragrance Forever’ and consist of four nice colours.

White Infinity and Princess of Infinity - two of their bestsellers.

Series for Pot Roses

• Roses Forever has colourful big flowers for all pot sizes 6-15cm.

• Infinity Roses - Easy to grow high quality roses which last up to 5 weeks indoors, available in all pot sizes 9-15cm + bowls.

• Love Fragrance Forever - the new fragrant series. Recommended pot size 12-15cm.

License to Grow

For details of license to grow, contact Rosa on [email protected]