Breeder Special

This month we report on the latest news from Anthony Tesselaar and the breaking news about shrubs overtaking perennials!

Fairy Magnolia® White

Shrubs are King!

Here’s some huge news: shrubs have overtaken perennials!

Industry statistics show domestic gardeners are currently more keen on taking shrubs home than perennials. Why? Perhaps the pandemic has given people time at home to tackle bigger gardening projects which involve structural plantings: Or maybe the more time they spend in the garden – the stats do show people are gardening more which has lead to a greater appreciation of longer-term plantings. So shrubs are now the best, and shrubs which also flower are better-than-best.

Fairy Magnolia® White as a hedge

Shrubs with Flowers are even better

Shrubs are being used to screen views, mark boundaries between properties and direct foot traffic. The most saleable species tend to be those that function well under all these scenarios. For example, something like Volunteer™ Camellia can be left to grow naturally to provide privacy screening. It can be tip pruned to more densely define a boundary line, or be clipped into a hedge to direct visitors to the front door.

The main reason it’s walking off the racks faster than non-flowering shrubs is because Volunteer™ also produces gorgeous flowers. Even more so with something like the Fairy Magnolia® which has been bred as a brilliant evergreen hedge-able plant that puts on a show-stopping floral show each year.

Volunteer™ Camellia

Predicting trends pays off!

In the horticulture business, it’s a significant advantage if you can spot a trend ahead of its arrival. Anthony Tesselaar (of the same name international horticultural management company) explains, “Spotting new trends in gardening has been core to our success. We sensed a growing consumer interest in shrubs a while back and our response has been to have a collection of shrub options ready to satisfy the demand.”

The Verdict

Shrubs are gaining popularity and while per unit price is relatively higher than perennials and annuals, shrubs’ store turnover is speeding up nicely. Learn more at