Breeder Special

Breeder Special

This month our Breeder Focus looks at Ferns Past, Present and Future.

The future for Ferns is looking pretty Ferntastic! Surviving over some millions of years these plants are just as relevant today as they were back then and with many different uses.

These surprisingly versatile and often hardy plants have a wide range of functions in the garden. For colour and/or texture in a patio container as an attractive foliage house plant or the border. Let's not forget Green walls and other applications. You may think these plants are just for a shady corner, but think again.. they are far more diverse than that.

Don't Just Think Green!

Don’t just think green, think colour, red, gold shades of green and some great texture of foliage. While putting the beginnings of this potentially 30 plus product range together, Genesis Plant Marketing were struck by the sheer diversity and the amazing range of varieties at their disposal. They were assisted by Fern expert Dr. Dick Hayward and Breeder Bob Hollister.

Successful New Releases

History, expertise and the technology applied by Vitroplus, one of the premier Fern growers in Europe, have combined to bring this project together with some successful new releases.

Doodia aspera ‘Rough Ruby’

Bred by Dr. Richard Hayward, Doodia Rough Ruby is one of the highlights of the range and a Haymarket Business Award finalist. ‘Rough Ruby’ is a new beautifully coloured British bred compact Fern 25 – 30cms. Fully Hardy and adding interest to the garden or containers throughout the year. The plant forms thick clumps of delicate foliage that are textured to the touch. Its high point is its young growth which emerges a glorious maroon.

Doodia aspera 'Rough Ruby'

Dryopteris wallichiana ‘Jurassic Gold’

A new cultivar of Dryopteris with beautiful colouring of the new foliage very bright golden orange. As the fronds mature these fade to a lighter shade. Height 60-75 centimetres tall and Width 45-60 centimetres across a semi-evergreen that flourishes in semi shade. Hardy to minus 20 degrees C.

Blechnum brasiliense 'Volcano‘

An established variety bred by Neil Alcock at Seiont Nurseries with large fronds up to 2ft or more with new growth and a striking bronze red colour. Will tolerate frost to -5°C but would benefit from shelter and some winter protection. Perfect for Patio pots and the conservatory.

Blechnum brasiliense 'Volcano'

Polystichum yunnanense ‘Yunnan Holly Fern’

Polystichums are a wonderful genus of ferns (all 400 of them!) and this rarely-available species from Southwest China is no exception. Although very clearly a Polystichum, the fronds of this one are really different. It is a perfectly hardy, wintergreen species, for the UK the young unrolling foliage is virtually covered with wide, ginger-coloured scales and bring joy each spring when they look fantastic.

Pteris umbrosa

Australian Jungle brake. This is definitely the hardiest Pteris (brake-fern) for British gardens and might even one day naturalize itself here as it's not unknown to find young plants springing up around where it has been planted.

Pteris umbrosa

Dryopteris kuratae – ‘Kurata’s Wood-fern’

It is a most dramatic sight in early Spring when the young croziers clothed with jet-black scales unroll like a nest of young cobras. When mature this medium-sized variety is good hardy garden plant.

Managed by Genesis Plant Marketing

All the Fern varieties in this range are managed for the breeders by Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd. Plugs and liners are exclusively available from Seiont Nurseries for the U.K. market with Vitroplus handling the sales of Young plants outside the U.K.