Cold-Tolerance Nematode Product for Insect Pest Control

Cold-Tolerance Nematode Product for Insect Pest Control

After three years of field trials, UK-based biotechnology company Bionema has launched a new cold- tolerance nematode pest control product, which provides insect kill rate of up to 95%.

It is estimated that crop pests cost 470 billion USD per annum worldwide. For example, annual European losses by western corn rootworm are the estimated at £1.5billion, while black vine weevil causes losses of up to £40m to the UK horticulture industry and £4 billion worldwide.

Huge Losses

According to a research report conducted by independent agricultural and environmental consultancy ADAS, UK estimated annual chafer grub control costs UK golf courses approximately £85m in lost income and damage repair. Horticulture does not escape this threat to its produce.

Bionema’s new product - NemaTrident®CT (cold-tolerance) contains Heterorhabditis downesi and offers a highly effective chemical-free, low temperature solution.

Welcomed by Nurseries

Crop growers, plant producers and arboriculturists will also welcome this as they are finding it difficult to control these pests in lower temperature soils.

The product provides protection against a wide range of agricultural, horticultural and forestry pests - including vine weevil, pine weevil, chafer grubs, leatherjackets and cutworms.

Success in Late Spring

It also offers successful results when used in the late spring and autumn during which time soil temperatures can dip to as low as 5°C. It is an also effective alternative to traditional chemical products, which have been withdrawn from the market, due to EU chemical pest control regulations.

Main Components

The NemaTrident® tri-component range comprises different species of naturally occurring, beneficial entomopathogenic nematodes within the Heterorhabditis and Steinernema genera.

The main components comprising the NemaTrident® solution are:

*Selected nematode species

*A biocompatible wetting agent plus

*Training and advice

Unique Solution

Dr Minshad Ansari, founder and CEO of Bionema – and a leading expert in biocontrol said “Three-year product trials in the horticultural, sport turf, forestry and arboricultural sectors included different nematode species. The final product offers a unique solution that provides 20-30% higher efficacy than existing products in the market – and delivers up to 95% kill rate”.

NemaTrident® is available to professional users in the UK and EU through dedicated distributors including Rigby Taylor, Dejex Horticulture, Farmyard, Medinbio and Progreen.

Added to Portfolio

Peter Corbett, Business Development Manager of Rigby Taylor, said: “We are delighted to add Bionema’s NemaTrident Cold-Tolerant solutions to our portfolio. Our customers have been crying out for a solution to treat insect problems when they begin to appear in early spring and late autumn.”

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GreenTech 2020 continues with the Webinar Talks on 8 – 10 June, the original dates of the GreenTech Amsterdam show. Each day will tackle a different horticulture topic: ‘Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge’, ‘Indoor/Vertical Farming’ and ‘Medicinal Cannabis’.

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Latest Covid-19 Global Impact Survey

A new survey of Grower Associations, by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and FloraCulture International (FCI), reveals that 71% believe most growers will soon recover after this crisis. 

Most countries have re-opened garden centres (96%) and florist shops (85%); often ahead of other retail outlets. This recognition of garden retailers as an ‘essential’ service and a safer shopping environment is a great boost for the industry.

Suntory Summer Garden

Due to the cancellations of the FlowerTrials® , MNP Suntory have decided to open their own trial gardens during the summer of 2020.

The MNP Suntory gardens in Leimuiderbrug will be open for inspection from June 15th to August 28th, 2020 (Monday to Friday).

Deadline Approaches for Virtual New Plant Awards

The HTA (Horticultural Trades Association) will be hosting its New Plant Awards as a ‘virtual’ event this year.

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'Green Spacers' for Social Spacing

As lockdowns ease, the issue of social spacing becomes more critical. Leading Italian nursery Giorgio Tesi have launched the idea of "Green Spacers", a green alternative to solve the problem of social spacing among people.

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A line of plants have been produced in many varieties and sizes. Flowery shoulder pads, shrubs and fruit plants are customized for height, size and environmental conditions. 

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CHA Prepares for Greentech 2020

The Commercial Horticultural Association is preparing its GreenTech British Exhibitor Group for this rescheduled show on 20-22 October 2020.

The British Exhibitor Group includes Plater Bio (above) who have developed the revolutionary hydroponic fertilizer ‘Gold Leaf’, which supplies all plant nutrients in one product.

Presenting All Facets of the Garden!

Under the key theme "Sustainable Gardens" Spoga+gafa will be held from 6 to 8 September 2020. This premier event will once again present all facets of the garden theme in Cologne.

Sustainable Gardens is the Trend Theme

At the recent Press Briefing Webinar, the organisers were able to reassure the market that at this stage, the 2020 edition will take place but will remain under constant review.

18th Edition of Naivasha Hortifair

The Naivasha Hortifair is the Largest Horticultural Fair in Africa and has consistently grown over the years.

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Urgent Support for European Flower & Live Plant Sector

In an unprecedented move, a united coalition of 9 European-based organisations, have joined forces to urge the European Commission to activate extraordinary support measures.

These are urgently required across the EU to help the Flower and Plant sector survive the brutal impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

GreenTech Amsterdam Switches to the Autumn 

The annual GreenTech exhibition is switching from June to 20th-22nd October this year.

The expected duration of the global situation, due to the spread of COVID-19, has resulted in this decision. RAI Amsterdam, as organiser, has complied with the explicit wishes of both exhibitors and visitors to reschedule the event.

4th Holland Dahlia Event Confirmed

The fourth edition of the Holland Dahlia Event has been confirmed for 2020.

This will take place from August 26-28 in various locations in the Netherlands.​

Flormart Outlines 2021 Programme

The 71st Edition of Flormart will now be held in September 2021. This is being enhanced by a fresh new marketing approach.

This campaign will allow the Fiera di Padova will present its new philosophy to the horticultural supply chain.

Future Co-operation for Floriade Expo 2022!

Floriade Expo 2022, AVAG and GreenTech – RAI Amsterdam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on their future co-operation.

This MoU offers an excellent starting position for Floriade Expo 2022 to strengthen co-operation with the innovative Dutch greenhouse and technology sector.

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October 1st 2021 should already be in your diary! This will mark the opening of Expo 2021 in Dubai which will run for 6 months into 2022.

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