Seiont Nurseries Spring into Action!

Leading UK Grower Seiont Nurseries have hit the ground running in 2020.

They have both plugs and liners ready for early delivery. There is a great selection of quality overwintered shrubs and perennials also available in Plugs and P9.

New Varieties

Within this choice, there are a number of new varieties. Looking particularly good are their P9 and 3.5cm Heuchera, Evercolor Grasses and Heavy shrubs. Their 104 cell Heuchera plugs are an economic way of getting saleable 2 litre plants ready for summer sales.

All these lines are good for potting new and will make a finished plant for late spring.

Coprosma City Lights

URC Programme

Their propagation department is busy from week 2-12 on its URC program which features Salvia, Buddleija, Lavandula and Coprosma. These are fresh plugs with plenty of vigour!

Can Can Delivery!

One of their top sellers, the Cordyline Can Can plugs (above) are available now! Seiont deliver a weekly single trolley across the UK and EU. There is a minimum order level for free UK delivery.


'Free to Access' News!

Welcome to the exciting news platform for the Professional Plant sector. Now in our 7th year, we are very much regarded as THE trade website for all the latest news from Growers, Nurseries, Breeders and trade events around the globe (plus product manufacturers).

Tuscan Giants Giorgio Tesi pictured at IPM Essen.

Our news is FREE to access! The Garden Retail and Book Review pages have enhanced the coverage we offer and have contributed to a significant rise in 'page views'.

We invite the industry to submit their plant news to us on a regular basis. Email : [email protected]


Immense Ramifications for Euro Trade Events

I am sure we have all monitored the developing news concerning the Coronavirus in recent weeks. This virus has now landed right on the Plant Sector's runway and shows no sign of any departure date.

The suspension of Myplant & Garden, just 4 days before its opening, only serves to tell us that the management of our trade fairs is now being presented with an even greater challenge.

The show calendar for September is already crowded and includes Flormart in Padua (Sept 23-25) so it remains to be seen if it the industry would support the re-scheduling of the Milan fair, at a similar time. 

I welcome any comments from clients and readers alike : [email protected]

Van den Berk Opens U.K. Nursery

After the establishment of Van den Berk Limited in 2019, this leading nursery have announced the establishment of a nursery in the U.K. 

The decision for this location was made due to a strong demand from their clients and specifiers of their specimen trees.

National Plant Show Gears up for June!

The HTA are now gearing up to the 11th Edition of the National Plant Show in June. 

Over the past 10 years of the grower’s hall there have been over 40 companies that have exhibited at every show, including Golden Grove Nurseries (pictured).

Coprosma City Knights

The Seiont Nurseries propagation unit is filling up with fresh cuttings. They produce several hundred thousand to order and also carry free stock on key lines.

Amongst its latest new shrubs is Coprosma City Knights, from Van Vliet.

Flowers and Plants Bring People Together!

Plans are well underway for Floraliën 2020. Held in Ghent, Belgium, from May 1st - 10th, you will see 1.5 ha of indoor garden and more than 500,000 flowers and plants.

Newly Chartered Course

Plantarium 2020 presented its newly chartered course at IPM Essen. The Bizz Holland pavilion presented visitors and participants what this new formula will offer them!

Plantarium 2020 are also looking ahead to the themes of their next edition, which takes place from August 26-28, 2020.

35 Years at IPM Essen!

Europe's leading Bay Tree / Laurel Grower took their usual slot at IPM Essen last month. This was their 35th consecutive year at the world's top plant fair.

Stunning Display

Belgian based Mentens Tree Nursery cultivates some 70 different types of plant material. This nursery provided a stunning display for the Landscape Professional at IPM Essen. 

It specialises in multi-trunk trees, solitary shrubs, large hedge plants and topiary plants such as Box, Taxus, Prunus and Osmanthus.

41st Edition for Flora Bratislava 2020

2020 sees the 41st edition of Flora Bratislava.

This International Fair of Flowers and Gardening will be held in the Incheba Expo exhibition centre, Bratislava, Slovakia from April 30th – May 3rd 2020.

Danziger Founders Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

A truly outstanding and well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Zehava and Ernest Danziger, founders of 'Danziger Dan Flower Farm', at the Israeli Agricultural Committee in Jerusalem.

They established Danziger more than 65 years ago. At that time, they could not have imagined that in 2019 their farm would produce and sell half a billion cuttings worldwide, adding colour to many places in the world.

Future Co-operation for Floriade Expo 2022!

Floriade Expo 2022, AVAG and GreenTech – RAI Amsterdam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on their future co-operation.

This MoU offers an excellent starting position for Floriade Expo 2022 to strengthen co-operation with the innovative Dutch greenhouse and technology sector.

Bringing Vision to Reality...

With the 2020 season just around the corner, Ball Colegrave have some great product ideas to help maximise your sales opportunities.

The Summer Highlights brochure brings together a selection of these ‘game changing’ favourites, all of which are now available to order for the 2020 season.

Dates Confirmed for Flormart 2020

Flormart have confirmed their dates for 2020. This plant trade fair will run from September 23-25th in Padova, Italy. 

As co-owners, the GEO S.P.A. and the public entities (Chamber of Commerce and the City of Padova) are planning some exciting developments for this year including a series of roadshows to promote Flormart across Italy.

'50 Years of Four Oaks!'

In September 2020, the U.K.'s leading Ornamental Plant Trade Fair will celebrate its 50th Anniversary! 

We intend to mark this occasion throughout 2020 with a series of news articles on the history and developments that have made Four Oaks such a phenomenal story. will be looking for exhibitor news going back 50 years!

Prepare Yourselves for Expo 2020!

October 20th 2020 should already be in your diary! This will mark the opening of Expo 2020 in Dubai which will run for 6 months into 2021.

There will be a series of pavilions representing a huge number of countries from around the globe. The Belgian 'Green Ark' pavilion includes a host of sustainable innovations and will include 10,000 plants.

Direct Purchasing from China 

China Direct UK is a joint venture which will facilitate the direct purchasing from Chinese manufacturers. The company was jointly formed in 2019 by Frank Sandford, well known industry consultant, Neville Stein and Head of the China Horticultural Association, Larry Lee.

Production and Markets for Ornamentals to 2030!

The latest initiative of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) - the International Vision Project (IVP) is the very first of its kind in ornamental horticulture. This sets out a forecast for the future of the global industry until 2030.

The second in the International Vision Project report series has now been published and is entitled ‘Production and Markets, the future of ornamentals’.