From Valley & Mountain

From Valley & Mountain

Sarcococca is one of the most amazingly fragrant plants. It looks inconspicuous, reaches a small size, only 40-50 cm high and 80-90 cm wide, but in terms of fragrance, it is second to none!

Breederplants have introduced two new varieties of Sarcococca : These are Sarcococca humilis Sarsid3 (Fragrant Valley) PBR EU55614  and Sarcococca humilis Sarsid4 (Fragrant Mountain) PBR EU55615

Sarcococca humilis Sarsid3 (Fragrant Valley) PBR EU55614

Semi-Evergreen Winter Flowering 

Both Sarcococca x humilis Fragrant Valley and Fragrant Mountain are beautiful semi-evergreen winter flowering plants.

In February, creamy, strongly fragrant flowers develop from the red flower buds, which are a fantastic and aromatic decoration until April. Fragrant Valley has narrow, glossy green leaves. Fragrant Mountain has rather broad, rounded, shiny green leaves.

Sarcococca humilis Sarsid4 (Fragrant Mountain) PBR EU55615

Both varieties reach small sizes - only 40-50 cm tall (according to the meaning of the Latin name - "humilis" means low-growing) and 80-90 cm wide. Both are suitable for low borders and decorative containers.

Due to the smell (slightly resembling the scent of hyacinths), it is worth planting them, for example, at the entrance to the house.


They don’t have particular soil requirements, can grow in semi-shaded and shady places. Both are is frost-resistant down to approximately -20°C (zone 7-6b).

Increasing Demand for Evergreens

Ronald Laman, Breederplants said " We chose these varieties for our offer not only because of their beauty and stunning scent. We see an increasing demand on the market for evergreen plants, other than conifers or box trees, which are suitable for small gardens and terraces."

Health & Well-Being 

"More and more is being said about the positive effects of plants on our health and well-being, especially now that we spend more time in our homes and gardens. The otherworldly scent of Sarcococca 'Fragrant Valley' and 'Fragrant Mountain' is a private aromatherapy treatment! Importantly for our client nurserymen, both varieties root and thicken well."


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The 71st Edition of Flormart will be held in Padova (Sept 21-23).

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Flowering from the First Growing Year!

Helleborus bvba continue to produce a generation of H.orientalis which are flowering from the first growing year.

These are therefore a great addition to the existing flower market, that is looking and searching for new products. Most of the selections are already flowering before Christmas.

Read their exclusive news report here:  http://

Richard Harding – A Four Oaks Stalwart

It is with great sadness that the Four Oaks family announces the death of owner Richard Harding age 77. Richard passed away peacefully at home last night (January 20).

A gregarious man, Richard became well known to customers of the Four Oaks Cash and Carry and at the annual Four Oaks Trade Show where he very much enjoyed socialising during his healthier years.

The 50th Anniversary of the Four Oaks Trade Show is taking place on 6 & 7 September 2022. Our sincere condolences go out to Richard’s family and friends. (Read more on news pages).

Another Great Season Beckons!

Laurica Plants are looking forward to another great season! 

Marian Maenhoudt commented “As we speak we are preparing for Spring! During the winter all trees receive the full attention they deserve."


'The Gentleman of Horticulture'

Along with the entire industry, I was saddened to learn of the passing of Peter Seabrook.

I met Peter on many occasions and he always made time to chat and discover what you were up to!  The gardens of the world will not be the same but in heaven, spectacular!

Flormart Cancels February Edition

The anticipated Special Edition of Flormart next month has been cancelled. The decision made by the organisers is due entirely to the persistence of the pandemic emergency. 

The traditional September slot for Flormart remains intact and will be the 71st edition of this established event.

This Spring Fair Kicks Off 2022!

The Groen-Direkt Spring Fair will take place on 1 & 2 February 2022, making it the first major International Plant Fair of the year.

These dates should be in your diaries right now!

Press Briefing Outlines the 'New' Green Retail Fair!

'Planteria' joined other members of the European trade media earlier this month (January 10) to learn more about the launch of this new event for 2022.

The Plantarium and Groen-Direkt fairs are joining forces to create a bi-ennial event for the European green retail sector. This will include a complete range of products, plenty of novelties and loads of inspiration. More details to follow on news pages.

Gediflora Celebrates 70th Birthday in 2022!

Belgian breeder/grower Gediflora are eagerly anticipating their 70th Birthday in 2022!  In 2019, they landed the Gold Award in the Young Plant category at the IGOTY awards.

This was followed by the Gold Rose award for International Grower of the Year! We look forward to highlighting their history on 'Planteria' during this special year.

Forestry & Ornamental Plants

A selection of over 500 species and 2,000 specimens of forestry and ornamental plants are grown every year at Padua based Vivai Guagno.

This high quality production is the hallmark of the nursery. See news pages shortly for further details. 

Trade Fairs Heading for June Burnout!

The decision to cancel the January 2022 edition of IPM Essen came as no surprise. We sympathize with all exhibition organisers at this time. Covid-19 has made this the most challenging aspect of future planning and scheduling, ironically, at a time when the industry and its green products has never seen such levels of demand.    

However, the decision to introduce a 'Summer Edition' of IPM Essen on June 14/15 2022, is a brave one, from a timing perspective, given the existing diary of events for June this year.  As we highlighted on this column previously, you already have FIVE major trade fairs taking place from June 14th onwards (Flower Trials & GreenTech), through to the HTA National Plant Show & Glee, within a period of just two weeks!

'What's New' at Seiont Nurseries for 2022!

Seiont Nurseries have immediate availability of some new and exciting introductions in both P9 and Plug format for those wishing to get an early start to the potting season. Our overwintered P9 liners plugs are perfect for potting on now as a short term crop for late spring sales saving you time and money.

Triple Heavyweights Select June 2022

So the Glee dates are confirmed as June 28-30 for its 2022 event, just a week after Spoga + gafa closes its doors on their event. 

With the HTA National Plant Show scheduled for June 21-22, this promises to be a mega 12 days for the industry. (Add in the Flower Trials earlier in June, there is much to look forward to!)