Tuscan Growers Look to Further Expansion in 2021

Tuscan Growers Look to Further Expansion in 2021

Two nurseries in Tuscany that work as one, are looking to significantly expand their market in 2021. The campaign for the New Year will target further sales across both the U.K. and Europe including the Netherlands plus Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.

Tuscany Growers 'Brand'

Operating from Pistoia, the two nurseries, Vivai Masetti Sabino and Vivai Biagini co-operate together under the brand Tuscany Growers which is entirely owned and operated by women, making it the only female run organisation in the Italian nursery industry.

(Left to right) Susanne Livi, Gianna Masetti & Barbara Fontani

Evergreen Pleached Trees

Pleached Trees such as Photinia, Quercus Ilex and Ilex Nellie Stevens are amongst the most popular varieties grown and sold this unique nursery. Loropetalum Black Pearl Ball, cones shrubs and half standards plus climbers such as Rosa Banksia, grafted Wisteria and Rhyncospermum are further examples of the variety of plant material these growers are propagating in Pistoia.

Photinia fraseri red Robin on frame

Trend Towards the 'Green Home'

Following a sustained period of sales ahead of the festive season, General Manager Barbara Fontani commented, 'We have seen a trend towards 'greening the home'. Covid has resulted in people staying home but has allowed them to consider how their gardens look!'

'We are here to help provide suggestions and to supply plants and trees of their choice. Both the retail plant market, wholesalers and professional landscape sectors are looking for new ideas. We pride ourselves in a good and rapid service of supply.'

Chamaerops excelsa trachicarpus fortune

Post-Brexit Supply Chain Addressed

Tuscany Growers have already set in place an extensive programme to alleviate potential issues with their supply chain. By using the REX exporter system, this provides certification for the origin of goods. It simplifies export procedures and reduces custom fees.

Impressive Video 'Tour'

Click this link to view their impressive video tour of their Tuscan nurseries.


Rhyncospermum jasminoides

Tuscany Growers are always available via the various message channels, email, phone and wapp, so feel free to contact them today!'

[email protected]



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Plant Variety Rights in Jeopardy

With the end of the Brexit transition period, UK title holders and UK applicants that have not yet appointed a procedural representative in the territory of the EU, jeopardize their Community Plant Variety rights or applications.


Boosting Stress Tolerance in Ornamentals

Hicure, a powerful, natural and flexible biostimulant, has been launched by Syngenta and will be distributed by ICL.

This liquid formulation contains a blend of easily absorbed amino acids and peptides proven to improve plant quality and boost tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought and high temperatures.


Vast Range of Ferns from  Vitro Plus

Vitro Plus offer a vast range of 70 Hardy / Perennial ferns in their assortment. In total, their full full range consists of around 150 different ferns, with approximately 80 Tropical ferns as well.


'Communing with Nature' Week

[email protected]’s calendar includes a series of dedicated weeks throughout the year.

They kicked off with Houseplant Appreciation Week this month. This follows on from the American one day celebration of the same name and coincided with Houseplant Week U.K.


Green City Report Survey is now Online!

The results of the third and final survey of the 2020 Flormart Green City Report are now online!

This includes observations of the new trends in the sector that Fiera di Padova identified in June 2020 and then followed up with a second survey in September. The Green supply chain sector has reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic and the data in the third survey reflects this.

You can apply for a copy of this report using the link below:


Surge in Baytree Popularity!

Europe's leading nursery for Laurels and Bay Trees report a surge in sales during 2020. The increased demand for baytrees in all shapes and sizes is due mainly to the effects of Covid-19.

Laurica's Marian Maenhoudt elaborates further: “2020 was not quite as we expected due to Covid-19. However, people across the U.K. and Europe have stayed home. They have sought to improve and enjoy their home environment, including the garden and terrace areas.”


Seiont Nurseries Expansion Continues in 2021

We caught up recently with Neil Alcock at Seiont Nurseries to learn what's new for 2021. “We have worked hard with our breeder agents to introduce some fantastic new additions to next years range", said Neil.


Euroflora 2021 Confirms AIPH Approval

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has approved an application from Italy to host an International Horticultural Show in 2021.

With a theme focusing on “A World of Rare Beauty” this will be the 12th International Exhibition of Flowers and Ornamental Plants in Genova, a port city and the capital of northwest Italy’s Liguria region, from 24 April until 9 May. www.euroflora.genova.it

Next IPM Essen is....2022!

The IPM Essen, which was planned for January 26 to 29, 2021, has been cancelled.


Despite plans to hold a one-day conference online, this has now been shelved. The next IPM Essen is now scheduled for January 2022. www.ipm-essen.de

50 Years of Four Oaks....in 2021!'

The U.K.'s leading Ornamental Plant Trade Fair will aim to celebrate its 50th Anniversary on September 7/8, 2021. 

'Planteria' anticipates marking this occasion throughout 2021 with a series of news articles on the history and developments that have
made Four Oaks such a phenomenal story.
Linking Webshop Platform & Photo Library

Joy of Plants has now launched a plugin to make its library of plant photos and information available in the industry’s favourite webshop platform WooCommerce.

They have images and descriptions for more than 14,800 UK plants which retailers can add the plugin to instantly populate their WooCommerce online shops, to help make and improve online sales.  www.joyofplants.com

Spoga+gafa Moves to 2021

The next edition of Spoga+gafa will now be held from 30th May to 1st June 2021. 

At the request of the industry, Koelnmesse is permanently moving the date for spoga+gafa to the first half of the year. In future, this means that the largest garden lifestyle trade fair in the world will be held at a time more convenient for orders by large segments of the industry. www.spogagafa.com

New Address for www.Planteria.eu

There is a new email address for this leading online news platform. This is now : [email protected]