Celebrating Plants in the 'Office at Home!'

Celebrating Plants in the 'Office at Home!'

The long-running ‘Thanks Plants’ consumer campaign by Thejoyofplants.co.uk is being launched today (September 20th). This successful campaign, which is an eye-catching celebration of plants, will particularly focus on the 'office at home' space this year.

In this environment, plants make you more energetic, more relaxed, happier and healthier. For the fourth year running, the key message remains unchanged: you always feel better with plants around you!

Working from Home and Plants
“Thanks plants, for making my house a home, for reconnecting me with nature, and for helping me to relax.” It remains topical, and we will continue to say it: you feel better with plants around you.

This certainly also applies to the (home) office, the hot topic for 2021. Plants can aid concentration and creativity, and bring calm to your workspace, that’s what we’re particularly thanking plants for this year. 

U.K. Campaign 2021

Thejoyofplants.co.uk will be placing a remarkable installation in the concrete jungle near Boxpark in East London. Here, both press and consumers can immerse themselves in a world of plants and experience the effects plants can have on your well-being.

Award Winning Designer

Here too there will be a link with working from home through a collaboration on this installation with award-winning designer DaeWha Kang and Botanist James Wong. Last year the timeslots for visiting the Houseplant Hideout had 'sold out' within a couple of hours. Once again there will be high expectations around attendance, media coverage and videos on social media.

Are You Joining in?
To join this major consumer campaign you can utilise the campaign materials. Download here: 




'Free to Access' News!

Welcome to the exciting news platform for the Professional Plant sector. Next week, we celebrate our 8th Anniversary (Oct 6). We are very much regarded as THE trade website for all the latest news from Growers, Nurseries, Breeders and trade events around the globe (plus product manufacturers). We are publishing a record number of exclusive news reports and interviews.  

Flormart 2021 will be held in Padova, Italy (Nov 24-26).  www.flormart.it

Our news is FREE to access!  We invite the industry to submit their plant news to us on a regular basis.

Email: [email protected]


Winners GreenTech Innovation Awards 2021 Announced!

Today (Sept 28), the winners of the GreenTech Innovation Awards were announced at the opening of GreenTech Live & Online

The winners out of a total of 20 entries are: Corvus drones BV with Corvus Drones in the category ‘Concept’ and Van Iperen International with GreenSwitch Original in the category ‘Innovation’.

Wide Choice of Photinia!

The autumn buying season is now in full swing and nowhere is busier than Tuscany Growers, in Pistoia. The range of available Photinias includes photinia fr red robin, photinia carré rouge (also known as compacta) pink marble and little red robin.

These are grown at the Vivai Biagini nursery and Vivai Masetti Sabino nursery, which together forms the brand, Tuscany Growers.


An 'Indian Summer'...in Brussels!

DO-FLOWERS enjoys a partnership with the 5 Star AMIGO Rocco Forte Hôtel in Brussels. Their contract is to decorate and maintain the floral aspect of the hotel throughout its many sections.

Both Do Flower and the Amigo Hotel invited customers and corporates to their 'Indian Summer' event, this month (Sept 16). This was an opportunity to network with all invited persons and enjoy very nice dishes where flowers were included.

Read the full story here: www.planteria.eu/floristry 

Yorkshire Flowerpots Excel at Glee!

Glee 2021 took place recently. Yorkshire Flowerpots enjoyed a terrific show as the industry responded to the return of this premier event.  


Oasis® TerraBrick™ Floral Media 

Smithers-Oasis, a worldwide leader in the floriculture and floral design industry, is launching a new floral design media.

The OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media is made with plant-based, renewable, natural coir and a compostable binder,


Plans for GrootGroenPlus Gather Pace! 

Preparations for the next physical edition of Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus, continue ahead of next month (6-8 October) in Zundert (NL).

All available spots are booked with over 200 participants, the trade fair is gathering a lot of attention from the trade media, and many visitors have already registered for a ticket. www.grootgroenplus.nl

Adaptable B1 Series for Nursery Management

Kubota has unveiled the latest version of the highly popular B1 compact tractor, featuring a new development that will make it even more versatile.

This adaptable little workhorse is increasingly proving popular with nurseries, specialist fruit and vegetable growers and smallholders.


New Projects Set to 'Green' Paphos

More green areas are set for the City of Paphos in Cyprus as two linear parks and a €3.7 million park of colours are announced.

According to the Municipal Council of Paphos, the new 32,000 sq.m park of colours will be completed over a nine month period.


Flormart Aims for 71st Edition!

The 71st edition of Flormart, the International Exhibition of Horticulture Green and Landscape, will now be held in Padua from November 24-26th, 2021. 


Triple Heavyweights Select June 2022

So Glee will move to June 28-30 for its 2022 event, just a week after Spoga + gafa closes its doors on their event. 

With the HTA National Plant Show scheduled for June 21-22, this promises to be a mega 12 days for the industry. (Add in the Flower Trials earlier in June, there is so much to look forward to!)  


AIPH Launch ‘Living Green’ Awards

In response to the growing importance of greening our world’s cities, the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) has launched the first city based ‘Living Green’ Awards.

The AIPH World Green City Awards celebrate the inclusion of plant life and nature into city design, planning and function and applaud the leaders of this growing movement.