Product Focus

This month we talk with Peter Edwards from Software Specialist Qsys.

Peter takes up the story. “ Are Buyers demanding more from Growers? Absolutely! In fact now they want you to sell your plants for them. In this Product Focus we examine how Qsys might just have the answers.”

All this..and More!

"If you didn’t see this coming then you must have your head in the compost. First you offered to put price labels on the pot so they didn’t have to. A nice gesture..and you were a bit different from your competitor. Then they wanted a bar code and a description. The minute you described something they said a picture is worth a thousand words so then you printed labels and put stakes in to describe the plant."

Keep Ahead of the Competition!

"So what happens when your retailer demands his logo, price, corporate colours, shelf strips , posters and more? This is where things get costly, complicated and not to mention time consuming. At Qsys we have a possible software solution that might keep you ahead of the competition."

Specialist Horticultural Software

For over 21 years Qsys has been writing software to service specialist sectors of the horticultural market. With this kind of experience and dedication you can expect something pretty radical from a specialised “Commercial Nursery Grower’s” software solution.

Qsys Connect has been designed to address the specific needs of the modern commercial grower: from planning through to propagation to marketing and final accounts. It offers full traceability, fast and efficient workflow and keeps every part of your business connected!

Revolution in 'On-Demand ' Product Labelling

At Four Oaks 2017, Qsys displayed the GP3000 Colour Tag Press printer. Qsys have recently teamed up with Primera Europe to introduce this revolutionary 'on-demand' label printer to the U.K. grower sector.

Designed by Primera

Just imagine the option of having on-demand customer bespoke stakes and ties with today's offer or seasonal special! Created directly from your customer's order, this is the kind of forward thinking that not only sustains but creates increased market share.

Loved by Nurseries

Qsys users can now enjoy delivering high quality ready to sell 'off the shelf' plants complete with banners, bench end posters and high quality fully customised tags, stakes or labels. Qsys are now driving forward these options for the commercial nursery grower who are enjoying this facility.

As retail buyers demand more from the grower sector, Qsys have identified several answers to your questions. Call Peter on 01939 233666 or email [email protected] to discover the answer to your problem!