Euro Grower Focus

Euro Grower Focus

This month (August) we focus on Dodeward based Batouwe Boomkwekerijen.

Batouwe have a mission : to improve the profitability of growers by delivering high quality products. With this vision in mind, Willem and Henk Huibers established their propagation business in 2005.

Sales Across Europe
Customers across the whole of Europe will bear testimony to Batouwe’s quality. They are supplied with strong plants or trees that are ready for all-round vigorous growth.

Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'

These cuttings and grafts come from our propagation company’s two locations. Batouwe’s main location is in Dodewaard, Holland where they have over 4 hectares, including 1 hectare of greenhouses. At this location they also rent 2 additional hectares.

New Assortment at Batouwe!  

The following items are new in their assortment:

Griselinia littor. ‘Redge’®

Prunus laur. ‘Genolia’®

Choisya Goldfingers ®

Mahonia ‘Sweet Winter’ ®

Cordyline ‘Pink Star’®

Growcoon Root Plug

Batouwe now also use the Growcoon root plug. The Growcoon is an innovative 100% biodegradable product. The speed of the rooting process is increased because there is more air around the roots.

The proportion between air, water and soil is subsequently improved. This enables Batouwe to deliver plants earlier than usual. Both Cotinus cog. ‘Dusky Maiden’® and Choisya ‘Aztec Pearl’ are grown using Growcoon.

Cotinus cog. ‘Dusky Maiden’®

Nursery Acquisition

Batouwe have also acquired a Belgium nursery named Carlos Verhelst-Verplancke. This nursery provides a special assortment with around 500 new varieties for Batouwe to produce.