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Euro Grower Focus

This month we focus on the latest news from Perennial Grower Griffioen Wassenaar.

Hello Garden season ready for take-off!

Although the weather is still cold, at perennial grower Griffioen Wassenaar the preparations for the new season are in full swing.

Last year Griffioen moved the production and logistics of Hello Garden plants to a new location. Due to the growth in sales and the positive expectations for 2018 Griffioen has invested in a new sorting system in order to enlarge the processing capacity. This enables 40 customer orders to be processed at the same time.

The potting up of plants for the new season this year started last autumn. So from the middle of February throughout the whole summer there will be a fresh supply of hardy Hello Garden perennials to supply the garden centres.

Perennials in 1.4 litre Pots

The basis of the Hello Garden concept is made up of perennials in 1.4 litre blue square pots. Thanks to the large pot size the Hello Garden perennials have a significantly longer selling season than smaller sizes. And because of the large size of pots and trays with space in between the plants there are less plant on the display tables.

The assortment within the Hello Garden themes has been updated. Several themes have been expanded with different varieties of perennials in order to lengthen the season with more visual plants. To attract attention to the display tables the point of sale material has also had a facelift.

Do you need more information about Hello Garden?

Read our brochure ‘Hello Garden, selling perennials at garden centres’


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Another focal point this year is to stimulate garden centres to make good use of their own plant borders following the GreentoColour®-concept. By planting perennials, for instance near the entrance and the parking area, it shows customers what plants can look like in a border, and thus in their own garden. Having the specific plants for sale in the garden centre itself gives plant sales a boost.

Bringing Perennials to Public Spaces

The GreentoColour®-concept has been developed some 15 years ago by Griffioen wanting to bring back perennial plants to public spaces. GreentoColour® garantuees colour, flair, biodiversity and dense covering of plants in public spaces. The right plant in the right place, soil improvement, quality of plants and the maintenance are all equally crucial to success.

Need more information about GreentoColour®?

Please check out our brochure ‘GreentoColour, perennial plants for public green spaces’.