Euro Grower Focus

This month we focus on the latest news from Pistoia based Romiti Vivai.

Increased Production to Meet Higher Demand!

The 2017-18 season began early at Romiti Vivai with a very busy two months of exporting. This co-incided with an increase in the number of both new and existing client orders for plant material.

Expanding Order Book

During the past year production has been increased considerably to copy with the expanding order book which has exceeded all expectations. Plans to provide additional production space have been prioritized and planting has been speeded up in order to fulfil requirements.

Nursery Visit Recommended

Northern Europe Consultant Domenico Guizzo confirms “At present RomitiVivai is still on time to put into production those plants that will be delivered at the end of the season. However a visit to the nursery at the earliest opportunity is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. This will enable the nursery to programme its production more accurately and to maintain the high quality standard that clients have become familiar with.”

Extensive crop of Elaeagnus ebbingei

Further Enhancing its Quality & Service

“In many respects, this surge in plant and tree sales is a testimony from our clients for the innovation, quality and choices on offer at Romiti Vivai. The nursery takes encouragement from this and will persue their future cultivation programme in the same direction.”

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