Breeder Special

Breeder Special

This month (June) we focus on Rosa Eskelund and the latest news from her company Roses Forever.

What is Missing?
Rosa said " When I breed roses, I always have in mind the licensed growers of our roses. For example, what is missing in the line (series) that they grow currently?  Whether they are in Norway, in U.K., Holland or in China. What are their needs?  What can I add to make it easier to be a grower coupled with improved economic results?

Solutions to these Questions
"A lot of very good roses are bred with these goals in my mind. So should I grow more roses in the same greenhouse, more on the same M2? Placing them closer to each-other is not the way to optimise the economic result and can lead to bad quality."

Reducing Culture Time
"I was thinking 'what to do' and found that if culture time was reduced, the grower could grow many more numbers in the same size of greenhouse in a shorter time. So I made a goal to create new roses with a shorter culture time and still with same high quality and long life on flowers. That was now 15 years ago. This was a success then and remains so!"

Mini Pot Roses
"Mini pot roses, grown in this special way were an even better quality than roses from the traditional way of growing. This was amazing!  Culture time before was 12-13 weeks, the new generation of the Forever mini-roses had only 9-12 weeks - that was something to go for!"

New small Baby Rose

Less Risk, Better Price!
The Infinity roses which are relatively new, (the first was marked 2012), are bred with this genetic which provides exclusive roses. Production time is short and easy and these can be sold for a higher price! This shorter production time also gives a lot of other benefits, and less risk because the roses only require care for 9 weeks instead of 12.

White Infinity Roses

High quality genetics
"I created more mini pot-rose series Infinity® Roses Forever® and I am different® all with this high quality genetic and in mind of being easy and fast to grow.  This has brought us a lot of good new growers who grow big scale in very effective and modern nurseries."

Princess of Infinity Roses

Introducing Fragrance
Now I am thinking to bring fragrance into our long life short culture mini pot-roses. It already looks promising following my selection of the first small baby roses. So soon both easy and fast growing mini-roses with a wonderful fragrance will be a reality. They will be even more in demand."

'Just Love being...'

All the Roses Forever® Infinity® and I am Different® roses are grow on their own roots by cuttings. A full 'Growers Manual' with How To Do is included in each licence agreement. Rosa concludes "I just love being a Rose Breeder!"