Breeder Special

This month our Breeder focus highlights the 175th Anniversary of Benary, a 6th generation family business.

Could you imagine riding your bike through the country collecting seeds?

This is how it all began with Benary after World War II. After the family had lost all of their company and personal belongings Friedrich Benary decided to start from scratch in the western zone of divided Germany in 1946.

He travelled through all of Europe with his bike to start his business in Hann. Münden, Lower Saxony, Germany. No matter how bad the weather, how many more extra miles to go..?

The Benary family in 2018

Global Player

With all of his passion for flowers, hard work, and a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit he created one of the world leading seed breeding companies for ornamentals. Today Benary is creating exciting new products at three breeding locations in North America, Germany and the Netherlands. They ship their seed into over 120 countries worldwide

Wide Network of Distributors

Benary are very proud of working for “YOU” and your customers! That comes from the Benary family and all employees around the world. Being an independent, family owned business, already in the 6th generation, they offer their quality products through a wide network of distributors and brokers around the world.

Unique Success

They believe in the beauty, uniqueness, and success of their partnership - from the heart. Celebrating their 175th anniversary acknowledges Friedrich’s endeavours for our horticultural industry.

Ernst – the founder of Benary – set the cornerstone in 1843 in Erfurt (former East Germany). He and the next three generations together with their employees served excellent seed quality to famous, historical fellows, including the Russian Emperor, Gregor Mendel and even the Titanic had Benary seed on board!