Breeder Special

This month (November) we focus on the latest news from Plantipp B.V.

Trialling New Plants is Key!

Plantipp have said it once and they are saying it again... trialling new plants is key to their success in the marketplace. Their ornamental partner in the U.S., Silver Falls Nursery in Salem, Oregon are testing our introductions in multiple ways: in a container demonstration area, in the ground and in propagation and container production trials.

Pictured is a 4-year-old Little Flames Leucothoe under drip in a 5-gallon sunken container at SFN. New growth is fire engine red and then in the autumn, the entire plant is engulfed in a rich red, reminiscent of flames.

Striking Beauty Perennial

Plantipp are proud to announce that Concept Plants is now the management agent for Platinum Blonde™ Lavender!

Pictured with this stunning perennial is the son of breeder Juan Momparler. If you are interested in a license please let us know so we can make sure you get access to this striking beauty by contacting [email protected]

From Russia with Love

Plantipp are pleased to announce that Taiga Clematis has been recognized once again for its unique flower power. In September it was awarded a Gold medal at the Flowers Expo in Moscow. They offer sincere thanks to partner CLEMATIS Źródło Dobrych Pnączy.

Highest KVBC Award

The highest award by the KVBC (5 year garden trial) has been granted for Hydrangea Together. It was presented to Plantipp's Peter van Rijssen at GrootGroenPlus.

It received this designation due to its multiple distinguishing characteristics including dwarf habit, 160 days of flowers (from June until October), double flowers and unusual flower color change from pink to red in the fall. It was selected by Reinier van Rijssen with breeder R. Irie in Japan in 1996.