Breeder Special

Breeder Special

This month (September) we focus on the latest new Rose from Roses Forever.

A Gourmet Rose is Born!

In 2012 Rose breeder Rose Eskelund won a grand prize for her tiny new roses, which were especially developed for culinary use.

Since then Rosa has sought the right grower for this new unique product. Roses Forever participated at many fairs to introduce the 'Gourmet Rose' but customers remained interested only in ornamental plants.

Gourmet Roses in Summer Salad

Herb Grower takes on Rose Production

During IPM in Germany, one of her colleagues visited a food fair and met a herb grower who was very interested in the new rose. This grower has a very large and highly technical greenhouse in Copenhagen, producing edible products like salad as well as and herbs like Ricola. All their production is grown without chemicals.

After just one year, this grower is now able to supply the whole Scandinavia and part of Germany. The estimated number of rose flowers from this grower is per year is 30 million.

Gourmet Rose used in Champagne

Harvested Every Day

Now the little roses are harvested every day, put into small slopes of 18 ready for chefs all over Scandinavia. This marks the breakthrough for the 'Gourmet Rose.' The roses are very suitable for all food that need an excellent look and they are perfect for both weddings, birthdays or other great festivals of life where the food must be something special.

For licence to grow (including how to grow) or order the Gourmet Roses please contact : Rosa Eskelund at Roses Forever ApS.