Breeder Special

Breeder Special

This month (May) we focus on the latest news from Benary and their new joint venture with Volmary.

Introducing Benary+

The industry has been and is continuing to undergo substantial changes. Benary, as an independent breeder of strong genetics has decided to start offering an alternative way to market its products to growers in North America.

To make transactions more direct and efficient, as well as to increase the value for their grower customers, Benary has joined forces with Volmary to create a new joint venture called Benary+.

Products Directly from Source

Benary+ will sell directly to growers in the USA. Benary+ will offer seed from Benary’s seed breeding, as well as unrooted cuttings from Volmary’s vegetative breeding. Benary feel that this new business model of Benary+ gives the grower more choices, plus the unique opportunity to order products directly from the source.

Longer Term Availability

It also gives them the opportunity to provide customers with longer term availability information on all of their products. Benary will now work more closely with growers to invest in new breeding lines that meet the demands of our ever changing market.

Benary recognise the value of their relationships with existing broker customers and realise that some growers might still prefer to purchase seed through a broker. Ernst Benary of America will continue to maintain traditional seed distribution through these sales channels under the Benary name.

Superior Genetics

Based in Muenster Germany, Volmary GmbH, is a family owned company who, like Benary, has built their reputation on superior genetics, outstanding customer service and reliable supply. Volmary roots and ships thousands of plug trays of their cuttings each week so they understand, first hand, what is important to successfully produce vegetative products.

In addition to the new Benary+ distribution initiative in North America, Benary and Volmary have also joined forces in their vegetative breeding activities. So expect more exciting products to come!