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From the Potting Shed....

25th GrootGroenPlus opened today!

The annual focus on plants and trees in Zundert opened its doors this morning. (Sept 30). We wish the organisers well and will report on all the news over the next few days.

Green Heart of Glee 'Best in Show'  goes to Anglo Aquatics

Anglo Aquatics won the best display award in the Green Heart of Glee 2015 this week. Judge Kevin Waters presented the award along with Event Director Matthew Mein and HTA CEO Carol Paris in the Atrium Green Heart Area.

Kevin Waters has been giving guided tours of the Green Heart Area during the show which included 12 month by month plant merchanising ideas. Dougal Philip from New Hoptoun Gardens said  "That has been the most valuable and rewarding thing we've done at Glee and added enormously to all of the other ideas and products we've seen in the halls.  We will definately be back for another Green Heart tour in 2016."

World-wide launch for 'Autonno Rosso'

Sycoparrotia semicidua ‘Autonno Rosso’ Sartori is a crossing from Sycopsis sinensis en Parrotia persica. Bred by Marco Sartori from Italy, its a very winter hardy tree, harder than the existing crossings. It’s also a well branched and very healthy 'disease-free' tree.  This tree will be introduced by Van Aart Boomkwekerijen at GrootGroenPlus today (September 30th) on stand 115.

New Website for 'Royal Hedge' 

Janny de Jong is pictured at Plantarium last month at the launch of their new hedging material. Dutch nursery E de Jong report on tremendous levels of interest in this new plant material.

Autumn Plant Event Season!

The mixture of Plantarium, Groen Direkt and Floralis Boskoop gave the Autumn plant event season a terrific start! The number of new varieties  launched at Plantarium provided singular evidence that the global plant sector is in good health. It also emhasised the comments made by Plants for Europe M.D. Graham Spencer recently that if you are serious about plants and future retail sales, you must attend these events! There were some U.K. buyers in evidence but still too few!

     New Sunsparkler® Sedums from Plantipp bv

Four Oaks number 45!

The U.K.'s favourite ornamental plant show reached its 45th year this week. We never fail to be in awe of Pat Coutts and her team and how they continue to produce such a vibrant event, 45 years after its launch with just a few growers. There were over 450 exhibitors, including Paul Jackson from Channel Island Plants, this time around.  

Levington innovates to stay ahead!

The latest innovations to the Levington professional growing media portfolio − including a new peat free range ‘Levington Advance Sustain’ − plus the launch of a new systemic fungicide ‘Avatar’ were unveiled by ICL (formerly Everris) at the Four Oaks Trade Show. A full report on ICL is now ''live''  on our Product Focus pages. 

Fillers, Spillers and Thrillers!

A new and impressive POS concept was displayed at the Ball Colegrave Summer Showcase. Hortipak have produced a mixture of backdrops, bench skirts and foamex panels as part of their new 'Fillers, Spillers and Thrillers' concept. The timing of this launch was ideal, given the theme of the HTA workshop which took place within the grounds of Ball Colegrave during the final 3 weeks of July.