'Polestar' Gold Medal Presented at GrootGroenPlus!

'Polestar' Gold Medal Presented at GrootGroenPlus!

Hydrangea paniculata Polestar ('Breg14') PBR is the plant that was rescued from the compost heap and now has a further Gold Medal, 8 years later! Hydrangea paniculata Polestar, besides being beautiful and very frost-resistant, has an interesting life story.

Seedling Amongst Cuttings

It all started in 2006 when Arjen Bregman finds a seedling among the cuttings of the Dharuma hydrangea. Intrigued, he set it, along with the other 14 brothers and sisters, for further observation and gives it the code 'Breg14'.

Ronald Laman is pictured above at Garden Trials & Trade in 2018, where Polestar won a Gold Medal in the New Products category

During the 2010 meeting, Arjen and Ronald Laman (Breederplants) discussed many things, including the seedling 'Breg14'. This is how Ronald recalls the meeting: 'Arjen hinted that he has an interesting seedling with great potential in his nursery.'

'Unfortunately, he decided to close the nursery, so he was unable to continue his observations. We agreed that I would dig up these plants and transfer them to another nursery. In that way, 'Breg14', in a 50-liter container, went to Boskoop.'

Flowers on Every Shoot

In 2013, the plants are brought to Poland, to the nursery of Wojciech Wróblewski, one of Breederplants' close associates. “During that time, I often visited Wojtek and we looked after our "pupils" together. Two years later, in 2015, I got a message from Wojciech: 'We have a winner, it's number 14! It blooms beautifully, is very compact, and has flowers on every shoot.' That was great news, Ronald recalls.

Propagation Begins

Breederplants obtain permission from Arjen Bregman, who found the seedling, to propagate the plants. For this purpose, they are sent to Van Son & Koot in Kaatsheuvel (The Netherlands) and to Seiont Nurseries in Wales (Great Britain). In 2017, Van Son & Koot Nursery plants around 4,500 plants in C3 pots and achieves great results.

Shipments Around the Globe

Ronald continues: 'Encouraged by what we saw in nurseries in Poland, the Netherlands, and Great Britain, we decided to continue our tests. Thanks to our cooperation with Concept Plants, we shipped the plants to North America and Plantnetworks arranged the shipment to Japan.'

'Our friend, Jaroslaw Chabin, undertook the tests in Hungary. We have gained the ability to quickly carry out the test in completely different climatic conditions.'

It quickly turns out that the Polestar is behaving as expected everywhere. It has a nice, compact habit, flowers appear early and are present on all shoots. The flowers, initially pure white, turn aquamarine over time, and from mid-June, they acquire a delicate, salmon color.

GrootGroenPlus Stages KVBC Gold Award

Back in 2018, the KVBC jury wrote: 'Polestar is a cross of Dharuma. It is well-bred and presented. It has several distinguishing features: an interesting, light green color, a unique, compact shape, very early flowering, and the shape and color of flowers.'

Last week, the Gold Award was made once again at the KVBC awards, held during GrootGroenPlus in Zundert. This follows the Gold Award in 2018, coupled with best novelty over the whole of 2018. This was awarded following a 2 further years of field trials. Arjen Bregman is pictured below receiving the award on day one of the trade fair.

*Reproduction without the breeder's consent is prohibited. Legally protected variety EU52722.

Breeder and origin: Hydrangea paniculata Breg14 (POLESTAR) PBR is bred in the Netherlands by A. J. Bregman.



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